Guest Speaker - Melbourne Girls Grammar Celebration of Sport Dinner

Date: 11th September

On Thursday 9th September, I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Melbourne Girls Grammar Celebration of Sport dinner. I was fortunate to be joined by Michelle Payne, an elite Australian Jockey, and Caitlin Thwaites netballer with the Vixens. Also in attendance was Rob Warnock, ruckman from the Carlton Blues AFL team.

It was a great night and it was really nice being welcomed back by the school. Being an old girl, a lot of the girls were really excited to hear from an Old Grammarian who had made it to the Olympics and were keen to come and have a chat. They were excited to hear about what GSV sports I played during VCE and how my overall VCE experience was, I think they were quite shocked to hear me say it was the best year of my life and I have never laughed that hard!

We sat as a panel of three infront of the audience and Caroline Wilson (sports/media journalists and old girl) interviewing us, asking questions and encouraging audience questions and partcicipation. Each of the girls had an amazing and inspriational story.

The focus of the evening was on the following values which we were asked to encorporate:
Integrity- living by your values, being honest and sincere. To do the right thing and tell the truth. To act with intergtiry requires words to match up with actions. Integrity gives us self respect.
Courage- bravery in the face of fear . You don't give up, you try new things and you admit mistakes. You do the right thing even when it is hard or scary.
Compassion - understanding and caring when soemone is hurt or troubled even if you don't know them- its about wanting to help and forgivieng mistakes.;and
Self discipline- means self control, you act instead of react, you get things done in an ordered and efficient way. It is about you taking charge of yourself.

It was a great occasion enjoyed by all and I felt quite honoured to be there as a guest speaker. Please find a couple of photos from the night below.
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