Ankle reconstruction and my new screw!

Date: 4th March 2011

Last Friday I had surgery on my ankle. I knew that I had ruptured a number of ligaments in my ankle, but the real damage was found when they got inside. I had ruptured my sydesmosis...this meant that my tibia and filbular were no longer connected to each other at the ankle. I had a tear in another ligament as well and they decided an ankle reconstruction was appropriate. He put a large 45mm screw through my fibular and tibia for stabilisation. In addition to this they put a tightrope acnhor through and reattached my ligaments.

The screw will be removed in a few months time, and the tightrope will remain to ensure it doesn't happen again and to ensure it fully heals. I am really struggling to keep myself entertained, but I hope to be off my crutches in 5 weeks and can't wait to get walking and functioning again. I see the suregon again on April 5th. In the mean time I am hoping to get started on the Smart Connection Diploma of Management and put all this spare time to good use.

You will get an idea of the crash from the photo below, but If you want to see the video of my crash in Alpe D'Huez that led to all of this, you can see it online at youtube under Sarah Sauvey ski cross crash Alpe D'Huez 2011. Be in touch soon!

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